Looking for credible Lesson teachers for your self, ward, friend or relations ? then get in touch with us today. At www.mygstpapers.blogspot.com, our sole aim is to help as much people aiming to get a firm grasp of  core subject areas of their interest actualize same in a very easy way. . . .and at a very affordable price.

we know there are a lot of people out there looking for credible Teachers for themselves and relations but because of reasons best known to them, they could'nt afford such. but here is a way out for all such people.

The Lessons could be at the Prospective students home, office or at a location arranged by both the Student and teacher. . . . but such that would be conducive for both teaching and learning.

The materials used for our lessons include CD's, Videos (mpeg, mp4, 3gp etc) and mp3 audio files for distant learners. Depending on what the Prospective students demands and choice, we could use Blackboards and Chalk, White boards and Markers, as well as other learning material.

other learning materials include textbooks, tutorial materials, e-books, video presentations which will be  provided in the course of the lessons and as when due.

Application for our lesson is  very simple. if you need a lesson teacher (or if you do teach). just contact the author of this blog now on 07085763316. you could also send him an email requesting for lessons in a specified area of you choice directly at dekemcy@gmail.com. You will then be directed to a teacher who is competent enough to coach you through in the area of your choice.

FOR LESSONS ON MATHEMATICS, FURTHER MATHEMATICS, ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS, COMPUTER ENGINEERING & COMPUTER SCIENCE, and PHYSICS, contact De Kemcy directly. He is currently running serious Lesson Programmes here in Uyo for JAMB, POST-UTME, GCE candidates and for other examinations.  PHONE; 07085763316

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