Basically, admission into the University of Uyo is on merit basis, little wonder then why most candidates make the school a university of choice as they strive to acquire tertiary education in the country, university-wise.

but have you pondered to know as a candidate how the University of Uyo processes its admission right from the level of JAMB UTME to its POST UTME? its obvious from my research, tha over 80% of the candidates that apply for this school are quite oblivious of the admission proceedings in the school.

So many do not seem to know that their JAMB UTME results will be summed with whatever they have in the uniuyo POST UTME, and the average taken. these results (for all candidates) would then be ranked on a scale starting from the largest scores to the least. this process is executed electronically.

Putting it the other way round, its simply a maths of 50% of your JAMB plus 50% of your post UTME all summed together and ranked on a scale in a chronological order from greatest to least scores for everybody.

from here, i mean the scale of scores, the required number of candidates would be chosen for a particular department based on the departmental cut off points. these are the names that would appear on the merit list. if plenty candidates don't meet that cut off point, then such department would be offered for Second choice supplementary admission into the university of uyo.

this is how its usually done. i hope you've learnt from it. [De Kemcy (Sept. 2013)]


  1. I scored 236 in utme. Any hope for me of admission.i am going for accounting

  2. 1sored 179 can write the aptitude test