Uniuyo Post UTME Aptitude Test lasts for just one(1) hour ! yes, one hour only. . . and not a millisecond added. so, you can say that one subject takes 15mins, giving you 60mins = 1hr for the four subjects. click here for more on the subjects .

you have to abide by all rules and instructions given to you by the invigilators once you step your foot into the Uniuyo Post UTME Aptitude Test hall. DO NOT LINGER OR WASTE TIME ON QUESTIONS YOU ARE NOT IN TUNE WITH. . . .just go right on to the next one because once its one hour on the dot, you'll be asked to stop.

if you don't know anything, just shade anything, but shade well. . . of course you cant afford to be ignorant of everything after going through the past questions I've provider for you here

abide by what I'm telling you if you want to come out victorious like me. I mean, BE SMART WITH THE LITTLE TIME you're given. don't depend on anybody, instead of that shade anything because you never can tell, your presumed nonsense may even turn out to be the actual sense!

 I shaded everything, I mean EVERYTHING. . . but I will not say all I shaded was correct - because I didn't score 400 over 400, yet, today i'm almost rounding up my stay here (de kemcy)

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